This is

Corpo style is not our style!

Freedom and responsibility go hand in hand at creativestyle. Just because the company is growing doesn't mean we become more formal and have a stick up our a***. The organization of tasks and priorities lies in our own hands.


The stronger we become, the more we can send the CS vibes out into the world.

Don't you believe we can be reliable and cool at the same time? Hold my Bavarian beer, please...



At creativestyle no one stands over you with a whip, keeping an eye on deadlines. As our PM says - It's done when it's done.

We say NO to the IT basement dweller stereotype!

We are many different Cyber Sailors - introverts and energetic tornadoes as well - sharing the same DNA. Boredom is not in our nature. We have a wide array of passions and do not hesitate to use them. We are travelers, athletes, musicians and adrenaline junkies.


Our Managers and Team Leaders are infectious with positive energy
and a "can do" attitude.

Our company DNA is build on the involvment of the whole Cyber Sailors Crew.


All that's missing now is you!

Fix the


Let them who never screw up, throw the first MacBook! Cyber Sailors sometimes make mistakes, but we try not to make them twice.
Fix the cause, not the symptom.

not thesymptom.

If we do not know something, we are not afraid to ask

For directness and honesty no one will hit you over the head with a slipper. We do not shy away from fierce discussions and battles over arguments, at the same time we are able to empathize and do not shout "my way or no way"!


Pair programming and code review flow in our veins instead of blood! At CS we pay attention to knowledge sharing - this is what we do
and we do it well.

We are always open to feedback, especially the positive one. When we have nice things to say, we shout them out loud. You can also buy someone a pint, though.

Cooperation and fun - CS do it right!

Work hard, play hard - we can do both. Sometimes our inner party animal needs to be released, and we do it in style at our yearly summer retreat or our legendary Xmas Party.


No matter if you are looking for a quiet place to work on your ideas, or a place to have a blast: creativestyle is a space where you can be exactly who you are!


In Poland it is said that curiosity is the first step to hell

for us it is the first and fundamental step towards being pioneers. We don't miss any new technology or tool, same as the Make Life Harder stories on Instagram. We are constantly hungry for knowledge and there are plenty of certificates on the office wall of fame, thus Ikea can't keep up with frames production.

Reliability is our middle name -

we test every line of code like there's no tomorrow, in order to detect possible bugs already at the development stage. Cyber Sailors are not scrooges, skimping on testing. In case of fire, all hands on deck!

There are no rats on this ship! On our vessel, the philosophy is to share knowledge and rely on one another. No matter if we are in calm waters or weathering a storm, every voice matters and we support each other.

We respect the opinions of all Cyber Sailors with absolute empathy.

We constantly sculpt our communication skills and dish out constructive feedback like it's Bavarian beer.